Artikel-Schlagworte: „Sigmund Freud“


Stephansdom (Wien), 2009


Wien illuminated

Wien is surely worth to visit. The Leopold museum contains the largest collection of paintings of painter Egon Schiele who tragically died as a consequence of the Spanish influenza (like his wife). The Albertina museum contains artwork from Albrecht Dürer and many more. The architecture of the whole town is quite exciting. You can still feel the attitude of the old ‚KuK‘-monarchy by looking at the historic buildings. However, I warn to visit the Sigmund Freud museum. The couch is missing and the idea behind the whole museum is a little bit outdated. There are almost no information about his thoughts on psychoanalysis. Similarly, information about what happened to the approach after Freud died are almost missing completely. Additionally, if you want to learn about the person (and not only the psychoanalyst) S. Freud, just read (in German) the book written by Eva Weissweiler (2008) ‚Die Freuds: Biographie einer Familie.‘ There are a lot of surprises to learn about the founder of psychoanalysis – and not everything is funny.