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Buddhism can be regarded to some extent as a religion. However, the actual teaching of the Buddha Siddhata Gotama is definitely not a religion but an art of living. It is scientific and based on personal experience which means one has to try it out. Actually, the Buddha taught two things:

Misery – and the way out of misery

For that, he rediscovered the technique of Vipassana meditation. Vipassana is a non-sectarian technique of self-observation to change one’s own mental-somato models. Vipassana can be learned in 10-day courses. But it is not that easy to sit 10 days on your buttocks and watch the monkey-like behavior of your own mind. The good news are: one looses much illusions about oneself and afterwards it is much easier to accept ‚what is‘. However, we all have to work – thus, use your sensations to work out your salvation 🙂 …