…about me…



I hold a degree in Psychology and a PhD in Educational Sciences. After several years of training I received a certificate in Systemic Family Therapy and Counseling. At the end of the 90’s I also got a basic training in Shiatsu. My working places were management consulting companies and universities/ schools for education. I try to continue my education regularly in various disciplines (systemic therapy and communication, science and methodology, organizations and their underlying systematic, media and computer, etc.) and on regular peer-level meetings (intervision).


My favourites are the practical aspects of Asian philosophy – namely meditation as taught by the Buddha, martial arts, and Yoga (I prefer Iyengar style as this is the most exact version of Hatha yoga I ever encountered). However, all these practices depend on competent teachers. I am very happy to announce that I already met such teachers in every of these areas. I wish everyone the same opportunities.