Donau (Wien, 2009)

The website is dedicated to various topics of personal interest:

  • Vipassana meditation, the technique the Buddha taught himself and which is the core of the Tipitaka (Palicanon)
  • computer technology and its application for meaningful goals, e.g. producing subtitles
  • Science, especially Psychology, Educational Sciences, Research, and Research Methods
  • various parts of Applied Statistics (with R) and of Bayesian Thinking (Probablity Theory as Logic)
  • Systemic Thinking and Working, especially In-depth Systemics and Addiction Therapy
  • other interesting things of our life.

The main purpose of this homepage is

  • to use it as a notepad of ideas and thoughts
  • to maintain and to establish contacts with people (friends, business partners, and colleagues)
  • meet people who are interested in the same topics
  • to inform (as far as this is possible in a few words), to link, and to provide help as well as tutorials to work-out problems of various aspects and topics of personal interest
  • to look at things from another perspective.

All articles and blog entries are truely my personal opinion. However, I try to base them on rational arguments and (hopefully!) scientific-oriented reasoning.